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Fight the Routine-Bad sex is the symptom, not the sickness.

Falling in love is exhilarating. You can’t seem to get enough of him/her. You spend your days thinking about them and your nights longing to be with them.Every single contact brings a smile to your face. A simple text message … Continue reading

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What he really wants

I get a lot of emails to the blog email and I appreciate it. It allows me to write about what YOU the reader wants to read. That being said I’ve been getting email after email asking about what a … Continue reading

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Be sure its garbage before you throw it away

I know this is a sexual advice blog, hell I created it…..I should know 🙂 but I got something on my mind I want to talk to you about and no it’s not sexual I recently had a birthday and … Continue reading

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Some basic tips and tricks on pleasing a man in bed

As you well know, most of my posts are for the men with the women getting the benefits…… Well, today I need to step up and show the men some love and write one for you ladies with us men … Continue reading

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Three types of female orgasms

The whole reason I started this blog was due to an email I received one night. I was having a conversation in a public group about sex when I received a message from a lady who was experiencing problems bringing … Continue reading

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