I started this blog to bring real value to the topic of sex, I feel that because of the taboo that is associated with sex it has become a topic that people are afraid to discuss…I didnt say talk about but really discuss and gain some usable knowledge about.

Even married couples have a problem being open and honest with one another, they are afraid to hurt their spouses feelings, afraid to damage the ego and “the bedroom” has suffered because of this.

Men aren’t taking the time to learn about the female body, how it works and how to make it work, they watch  some porn and think that’s sex, the art of making love, well men I have bad news for you….it isnt!

Yes making love is an art, it can be taught and it can be learned.

Women are faking orgasms, making the men think that the wrong way is getting the job done therefore encouraging repetitive behaviour…..The wrong repetitive behaviour!

As a result you have unsatisfied women who are too afraid to speak up due to fear of damaging their partners ego and men thinking they are pleasing their woman.

Sex is supposed to be beautiful, passionate, explosive even and it can be every time.

I’m sick of hearing women say “I’m hard to please”, no you’re not! With a little knowledge and experimenting you can be pleased. (this excludes any medical conditions that may hinder the female orgasm)

I’m sick of hearing men say “if I were only bigger” so what! you have what you have and size doesn’t matter….if you know how to use it…..little hammers can drive big nails too lol

The purpose of this blog is to give sexpert advice, help bring the passion back between couples, to relieve the sexual frustration so may are experiencing due to unskilled lovers or lack of communication.

if you have a question or topic you would like to see a blog written about please email me at: sexpertadvice@hotmail.com

No names will be used….your privacy is guaranteed


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  1. dawn8869 says:

    Awesome Blog, great idea!! I look forward to reading and following 🙂

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