First let me say that I really appreciate every single one of you that follow and comment. Thank you!

I know this originally started as a sexual advice blog and now it has some stories.

it’s no secret that I started writing a novel here recently and I’ve started sharing some of the scenes and or possible scenes from my book, I’m not sure how you feel about me mixing the two so your feedback is appreciated.

Should I start a second blog for the scenes and keep them separate from the advice blog or leave it the way it is?

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5 Responses to Question

  1. dawn8869 says:

    Personally I like the whole mix up of the short stories and the advice posts. I think it’s a great mix up and makes me wanna read and visit all the more. I look forward to the email notification saying you have another. Plus I think your sex advice is on point and knowing you want to wrote a book gets me excited. I think you short stories are something special and I hope you continue to write.

  2. Leave it the way it is!

  3. Pammie says:

    I third that….leave it…

  4. Gloria says:

    Leave it as is, love the mixed bag! I
    Love your writing, it’s from the heart

  5. buffykennedy says:

    What they ^ all said! I like the mixture. Gives the blog a little extra depth 🙂 I’m new here, so I’m still getting to know your voice, but so far I like what I see and look forward to more!

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