Seven things she wants you to know

1. She Likes to Watch

Yes women are visual creatures too, according to a study done by the University of Texas at Austin both sexes are turned on by sight more than any other senses so let her watch.

Toss the covers off , place a mirror beside the bed and give her a show.

You’ll both enjoy it.

2. There’s more to her tit than a nipple.

Nipples are, well, a sensitive subject.

Some women love nipple play and others could care less but lets say your woman likes it.

That’s all fine and dandy but that don’t give you the right to go straight for the nipple, tease her a little, especially if hers are sensitive, run your fingers softly around her breast, kiss around the breast as well.

Inch your way closer to her nipple as you go, swirl your tongue around the areola, breathe on her nipple, a soft lick as you pass by never hurts either.

Pleasure the whole breast, let her anticipate that moment when you will take her nipple in your mouth but don’t let her know when.

When you finally do decide to pleasure her nipple don’t go all lollipop style, blow and lick on them, slip the very tip of her nipple between your lips and tease them with firm motions……..circular, then up and down.

Vary your speed and intensity so they don’t lose sensation.

3. Wet dosen’t mean ready.

I know what you’re thinking but hear me out, just like when men get aroused blood flows to the penis when women get aroused blood flows to their vagina.

In fact the vagina will start to swell, The inner lips of her vagina can double or triple in thickness….When the brain receives a sexual cue, it tells the genitals to relax so blood will rush in, That genital fullness is extremely satisfying to most women and guess what….the ultimate goal is for her to be satisfied.

It takes a little longer for her to really become engorged with blood…even after she is wet so take your time, slow down and she’ll thank you later

It’s several little things that can make or break you in the bed

4. The flip side.

Don’t forget about her back, most guys never think about this but a lot of pleasure can be given by flipping her over.

Roll her over on her stomach and start at her neck, push her hair up and plant soft kisses on the back and sides of her neck….dont forget the ears though, lots of nerve endings there that can’t be ignored.

Plenty of sensitive nerve endings down the edge of her spine as well, take your time and really work your way down her body… attention to her body language, she’ll tell you what feels good without ever saying a word.

Don’t waste your time directly on her spine, she’s not going to feel it but focus your attention instead to the sides of her spine.

Dont forget to use your hands, rub her, drag your fingers lightly across her skin while softly kissing somewhere else.

5. Kiss my ass.

Most women will really enjoy this.

Start by kissing your way down her spine while gently caressing her butt
with your fingertips.When your lips reach her cheeks, kiss and nibble softly, and firmly knead her buns.
Her butt can be very sensitive therefore has potential to bring her a lot of pleasure.

Some even enjoy having their anus licked, if yours does then by all means have at it, if you’re looking for spots that are loaded with sensitive nerve endings you wont find one that has more than her anus…..nerve endings = pleasure in most cases.

6. Her clit has legs.

Something she may not even know.

The little nubbin you think of as her clitoris is only the tip—behind her lips lies an untapped expanse of erectile tissue. Her clitoris has legs, or crura, that split off and go down either side of her vagina behind the labia.

Stimulate the crura by forming a peace sign with your fingers: Place the tip of the V around her clit so your fingers face downward on either side of her vaginal opening.

Apply undulating (Move with a smooth wavelike motion) pressure and enjoy her look of surprise
Like the rest of the clit, the crura fills with blood during the excitement phase therefore its important to give her some time to become engorged before starting this type of stimulation.

7. G-Spot.

The legendary G-spot is on the upper wall of the vagina and usually between one to three inches inside.

It will have a spongy feel to it when swollen.

Some women say that it’s tough for them to reach by themselves. Which is where you come in. But the classic “come hither”motion isn’t always best.

Some women prefer circular two-finger stimulation or firm tapping.

The clitoris tends to respond to a very fast, very light touch, but the G-spot responds to slower, deeper, firmer touch.

Experiment with her and find it if you don’t know where it is, once you do learn what type of stimulation she responds to… you’ll forever be the man in her eyes.

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